Upcoming Performance: Edinburgh Book Fringe 2015

We’re over halfway through the Edinburgh Fringe, how is everyone holding up? I know that I’ve been having a wonderful time: interviewing incredible performance poets, performing myself with the Loud Poets at the Storytelling Center and generally just filling my brain with all kinds of great comedy, theatre and more!

Tomorrow (Thursday August 20th) I’ve got an event coming up as part of the Edinburgh Book Fringe, which welcomes writers and activists from around the world for readings and discussions! I’ll be performing some pieces from my chapbook, Grown Up Poetry Needs to Leave Me Alone, alongside the poet MACGILLVRAY. According to her bio, Macgillvray has: ‘walked in a straight line with a dead wolf on her shoulders through the back streets of Vegas into the Nevada desert, eaten broken chandelier glass in a derelict East German shopping mall’. So this is gonna be fun!!

Edinburgh Book Fringe, 2015

Thursday 20 August 2015 at 1.00pm

Word Power Books
43-45 West Nicolson Street


For more info., check out the Word Power website.


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