Grown Up Poetry Needs to Leave Me Alone

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Grown Up Poetry Needs to Leave Me Alone is the debut poetry pamphlet from award-winning spoken word poet Carly Brown, published by Knockingdoor Press in 2014. In these vibrant and witty poems, Carly explores a range of topics from break-ups to T.S Eliot to the crushing realization that Santa Claus is not real. The book is now in its 2nd Edition.

‘With each poem there is a refreshing comedic integrity but also a brilliant truth that both enlightens and terrifies.’ – Selcouth Station, review of Grown Up Poetry Needs to Leave Me Alone

Grown Up Poetry Pic 1

The cover art and typographic design was created by American artist Lydia Cruz. The typographic design is based on actual performances of each poem and attempts to capture such non-textual elements as speed, emphasis, volume and space.


Grown Up Poetry Pic 2