Press Mentions


“With each poem there is a refreshing comedic integrity but also a brilliant truth that both enlightens and terrifies.” – Selcouth Station, review of Grown Up Poetry Needs to Leave Me Alone

‘Carly Brown’s Anastasia, Look in the Mirror (…) intersperses sharp and funny patriarchy take-downs with ekphrastic poems on the Scottish Colourists. It’s a brilliantly-crafted assemblage full of wit, warmth and panache, ‘a suitcase so full / it would not / shut’. – Gutter magazine, review of Anastasia, Look in the Mirror

“(Carly) was witty, sharp, captivating; she held every member of the audience in the palm of her hand. She was mesmerising. I laughed so much; I related to so much, I was inspired SO much … You absolutely have to check her out on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed.” – Sarah Lex, Lifestyle Blogger

“The star-studded event introduces four of the UK’s most notable spoken word poets, including Lloyd Robinson, Katie Ailes, Carly Brown, and Dagogo Hart … (Carly’s poem) is an audience favourite, and returns the biggest laughs of the night from the audience.” – The Student Newspaper, review of Loud Poets: To Infinity and Beyond

‘Brown delivered the strongest poem of the show with her 50 Shades of Grey inspired criticism of female representation in literature. The poem is filled with superb thematic cohesion and genuine passion.’ – Voice Magazine, review of Loud Poets 2021 Fringe show

“Her poems delivered sass and wit, while using lush imagery and spirited accents to render themes of identity, politics and belonging…Brown’s performance gave a sense of reaching across discourses, time, and space to invite empathy, understanding, and productive cultural exchange.” – U.S Studies Online 

“A rising and unstoppable force within the Scottish scene, Carly Brown’s performances are ones filled with enthusiasm, wit, and a bubbling energy.” – Jade Mitchell, INK SCOTLAND

“A stunning set, garnished in unorthodox, theatrical and comedic ingenuity graced each poem that Carly chose to perform … It became clear how Carly become the Scottish Slam Champion in 2013, demonstrating an astute attention to detail and a bright approach to subject matter … This is a poet whose smile is as wide as her talent, and one that promises a fantastic future ahead of her.” – Stephen Watt, Mumble Words

“Winner Carly Brown, current Inklight president, has poise, lyricism, passion and humour – delivered with a balance and grace that we see in modern giants like Shane Koyczan, current darling of the TED talks phenomenon. Carly and her megawatt-smile-burning-gaze-and-blazing-verse combo will go far,” – Kate Palfry, The StAnza Blog

“Carly Brown, whose ballad, called “Texas, I Can’t Bring You To Parties Anymore”, struck an emotional note much like Principal Richardson … We were hooked, and amid the intellectual discussion we suddenly found ourselves moved, perhaps even frightened, by the thought-provoking words of the university principal and a university student,”-  Melkon Charchoglyan, THE HUFFINGTON POST

“Carly Brown, Agnes Török and Tayllor L Johnson all had wit, warmth and wisdom aplenty with various pieces concerning, respectively, Santa Claus, how to turn homophobia on its head and the lame duck of modern rap. The future health of spoken word seems safe in their hands,” – Brian Donaldson, The Scotsman

“They have some of the brightest up and coming women poets at this year’s Fringe Festival, a particular highlight being the former Scottish Slam Champion Carly Brown, whose ingenious pieces of work include, “Texas I Can’t Bring You To Parties Anymore” and “Straight” …undiluted genius in both content and delivery,” – Rhona Scullion, For Books’ Sake

“Carly Brown did a poetry performance, which blew those of us who had not seen her before away . She was lively, captivating whilst simultaneously being unique and funny,” – Miranda Young, The Stand


Feature interview in Selouth Station

Interview on the Transatlantic Literary Women Podcast Episode 6

Feature interview in Westender Magazine

Review: Transatlantic Creative Writing Showcase, BAAS British Association for American Studies

Featured in a radio special on the Scottish National Slam Championships (2016):

Interview/Performance on Radio Saltire’s Local World Cafe

Short Interview on Un-blocking Freedom of Expression: Tracing stories through spoken word in UK, South Africa, UAE, France and North America

Article and video on a poetry reading on the Isle of Bute alongside award-winning writer Lisa O’Donnell, author of The Death of Bees

Scottish Slams website: Previous Winners

Scotland’s Slam Poets: An Insight Into Scotland’s Best Slam Poets on INK SCOTLAND

Feature Interview on I Love St Andrews illustrator Gillian Gamble’s website: My Inspiring Friend

Featured on The List‘s article about StAnza Poetry Festival, 2014

Feature interview with Her Campus (‘Carly Brown: Slam Poetry Queen’)

Visit St Andrews offers an inside look at I Love St Andrews

Interview and performance on Literary Pixie Podcast 

Interview with The Stand (‘Stand Up and Slam (Poetry)’)

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