Second edition of my poetry chapbook is here!

Excited to announce that the second edition of my poetry chapbook, Grown Up Poetry Needs to Leave Me Alone, is now ready and available on Etsy from Knockingdoor Press! ($15/£9) 

The book is the result of a collaboration with the artist/writer/extraordinarily talented human being: Lydia Cruz. For her senior thesis project, Lydia created a book of my poems, in which the type would in some way reflect aspects of performance including tone, delivery speed and emphasis.

Lydia’s design has not only captured the style of these poems, but she has made them come alive in a whole new way. I could not be happier with the finished product!

You can get your copy here! Also, Scotland-based friends, if you want to save a few quid on shipping charges, I’ve got a few copies on hand here in the UK. Just email me ( to reserve your copy!

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